Extended Closure

All Mariemont City Schools Buildings and facilities are closed. See the Coronavirus Updates webpage for details.

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At Mariemont City Schools, we know the importance of ensuring that our curriculum reflects current research and standards that drive best instructional practice in the classroom.  We are constantly examining and updating what we teach and how we teach it.  Special attention is paid to making certain that state and national standards are addressed within the K-12 curriculum, while maintaining our challenging district expectations.

Curriculum revision is an ongoing process.  It is necessary to constantly revise and adapt the curriculum to reflect current research and technological advances in order to enhance student learning.  Teachers and administrators work together to make certain that the content and skills learned flow consistently from grade level to grade level.  Our curriculum serves as the blueprint for college and career readiness and success with state and national assessments. Beyond the classroom, we offer students opportunities to develop leadership and collaborative skills to help prepare them for success long after high school.
The district achievement goal is that student success will increase through rigorous curriculum design, instructional best practices, meaningful programming and purposeful environments that maximize learner autonomy and capacity to thrive.

This goal is reflected in our academic programs at each grade level, and our focus on relevant and rigorous instruction. We provide resources, tools and technology that enhance teaching and learning and meets the individual needs of all Mariemont City School District students.